Jai Villa is an exemplary eco-friendly homestay that champions sustainability and responsible living in the beautiful city of Lakes “Udaipur”. We go above and beyond expectations to create a harmonious balance between nature and human habitation. With a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, Jai Villa incorporates various eco-friendly practices to minimize its ecological footprint.

By prioritizing homegrown and organic options, the homestay promotes sustainable agriculture practices and reduces the environmental impact associated with conventional farming methods. Jai Villa Homestay also promotes local employment, adaption of local products to improve local economy. With the changing time societal and economic support will become very important for support to locals.

In summary, Jai Villa stands as a shining example of an eco-friendly homestay, encompassing recycling initiatives, solar energy utilization, homegrown organic produce, and water conservation. This holistic approach not only creates a serene and sustainable environment for guests but also sets a positive example for the hospitality industry in embracing ecological responsibility.

Our efforts towards sustainability were recognised with us receiving Outlook Responsible Tourism’s India Responsible Tourism State Award 2023 – Rajasthan.