Cooking Classes in Udaipur

Cooking classes in Udaipur

Cost per Person - INR 3000/-
Maximum Group Size - 6 people

Cooking classes in Udaipur - The home of Shekhawat family is also a homestay and is very popular amongst travellers, friends, relatives for culinary experiences. To make it more accessible to everyone we have introduced Cooking Class in Udaipur at our lovely homestay. The cooking class happens on a big terrace right next to our plunge pool where you and enjoy the beautiful view of mighty Aravali mountain ranges with sun setting behind them and and you being companion on our culinary tour.

When we came with concept of starting a culinary experience at Homestay we noticed that majority of Udaipur Cooking Classes are working on single concept of basic cooking classes. We extended the concept by adding interactive sessions on history, culture and traditions of Rajasthan added with culinary experiences. The host family has warrior linage (Kshatriya) and a very strong history. The different family members come from different area of expertise (wildlife conservation for more than 40 years, hospitality, historian as academics etc) and the diversity brings variety to the table which we are very happy to offer to people attending these sessions.

Our cooking classes in udaipur is a four hour experience only available on prior booking for people looking for gastronomic food experience in the beautiful city of lakes.

Itinerary for the Evening

  1. Welcome drink
  2. Introducing the family
  3. Walk around the House to make yourself feel at Home
  4. Introducing to the spice mix of India
  5. Whats in the Menu Tonight?
  6. Home recipes of Shekhawat Family
  7. Learn with experts
  8. Do It Yourself
  9. Dinner at family dinning table with stories of the city

All the people Intrested in pre cooking shoping are more than welcomed to Join us for an approximate one hour ride to different markets of Udaipur to shop for ingredients like vegetables, spices, dairy products etc.

What makes us best cooking classes in udaipur is that we organically self grow a lot of things like grains, lentils, oil seeds (from which cold pressed oil is extracted), cumin, fennel and other locally grown spices. The family was agrarian before getting into different professions but we still practice farming and horticulture. Lastly the diversity of Home recipes that we have in both vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food choice is not only gourmet in nature but will help you take back memories.